Top Websites That Computer Science Students Must Visit.

Posted on February 13, 2017 in computer science, tutorial, thoughts

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I was going through Quora feeds and my eye caught one particular question, "What are the top websites computer science students must visit?" This question had more than 3k followers. I immediately opened the question link and bookmarked it.

Different users had given many answers and some of the links that I really liked are as follows:

These are some of the links I really liked. But, this isn't the limit. Go through this answer in Quora by yourself.

And, now some of my personal favorites are:

Many of the links that are mentioned above are related to programming but, Computer Science is not only about coding/programming. A competent computer science students should be able to design new algorithms, reduce complexity of the problem set and algorithms, or design a new programming language, implement a compiler or an interpreter, etc. But, without strong knowledge of programming, nothing is possible.

If you have some cool links, do share it in the comment section below. :)